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Welcome to the Picture House!


Well, hello there and welcome to the blog! I'm Zenless Popcorn...and you will soon find out that I absolutely LOOOOOOVE movies.  Unless it's part of the Birdemic franchise...

When I was 6 I was taken to the cinema by my Uncle Spud to go see Clash of the Titans. I absolutely loved the movie and the experience of the cinema and I still do. After that I became fascinated with movies, and with Spud being a projectionist at a local cinema and being a huge fan of Metro Goldwyn Mayer (he even met Louie B. Mayer!) I learnt a lot about movies very young and got to see many movies.

Now, I blog movies. I preview movies, I review special editions I can obtain, interview people given the chance and more. I've blogged on and off about movies for over a decade, and it's been one of the most interesting things I've done.

I'm on most social media, feel free to get in touch and talk movies! Talk previews, worst movies, odd movies or something I may have missed.

Enjoy the blog, and enjoy the movies!


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