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Blu-Ray Review: Lake Mungo Limited Edition


I've been watching plenty of movies from Australia recently, and while doing research on what releases Second Sight Films, I found out that Lake Mungo was one of their favorites, having released it several years ago. A movie that isn't heard about much, this Australian movie seems to fly under most people's radars, but Second Sight Film has released it as a Limited Edition Blu-Ray. Let's have a look and see what we've all been missing in what is considered the best horror movie from Australia that you have never seen.

Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer is tragically discovered drowned after she had gone swimming in the local dam. After her body is recovered and the verdict of accidental death is returned, the grieving family then has Alice buried.

After the burial, the family experiences a series of strange and inexplicable events centered in and around their home. Feeling ever more unsettled with each experience, they hire a psychic/parapsychologist Ray Kemeny, who uncovers a hidden truth that Alice was leading a secret double life. A series of cues lead the family to Lake Mungo where Alice's secret past emerges.

Lake Mungo is filmed like a mock documentary and is a mystery, thriller, and ghost story. This film is an absolute gem, and I cannot believe I've not heard of this film before doing research on what releases that Second Sight Film has released!

This movie is known as "the best horror movie you have never seen" and I have to say I can kind of understand that, however, I don't really see it as a horror, but more of a thriller if I am honest about this.

Looking at the disc, the transfer is crisp and clear in respect to the audio and video and also has English SDH subtitles as well as 2 audio commentaries. The extras on the disc include interviews, video essays, and deleted scenes. It's a great package of things that fans of the movie will love.

The Blu-Ray is housed in a rigid slipcase (with new artwork by Thomas Walker) with 3 art cards with illustrations by Thomas Walker and an 80-page softcover book with essays, an interview with James Lawson, and behind the scenes photos.

Lake Mungo Limited Edition is rated 15 and available in all good stores now.


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