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Review and Interview: Llamageddon

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

You know, there are some movies, that the premise seems so bad that you really have to check them out. No, I'm not recanting on the awful movie that is Birdemic or saying that Foodfight! is better than it actually is (although it does perhaps deserve to be cut some slack when you look into the story behind the story) I'm saying some movies sound so "what the..." that you just have to check them out. Reader Rikibug (Check out her Twitch, warning, it's mature content due to language) gave me a heads-up about...Llamageddon, saying that it was a contender for worst CGI in comparison to Birdeminc: Shock and Terror (spoiler - Birdemic is FAR WORSE).

Right, let's check this out...

A killer llama from outer space crash lands on Earth and then brings death and destruction to everyone and everything in that is its path. There really is nothing much more you can really say about this movie, and to be honest it truly needs to be seen to be believed, and even then you may well disbelieve you eyes!

Now, this movie is....odd. I'm not sure what exactly the budget was for this, but it looks low budget and basically crazy fun...and more believable than Birdemic!

I was able to get hold of Dimble Gerbo (yes, before you ask, this is a pseudonym) and asked them about being in the movie and what the future holds...

Hello Dimble Gerbo! I hope that you and yours are well.

Thank you I hope you are well too.



In your own words, what exactly is Llamageddon about and why should people go and watch it?

It is a film with a llama in it and it is very fun to watch with your friends and have a drink to haha!

How did this come along? What kind of brainstorming led to this?

This film came along because they wanted to make a film with a llama and bc they loved films like The Room and Birdemic.

Ah yes, The Room...that movie really is something! I'll not get into Birdemic right now, I'll be ranting for days!

How were you approached for a part in this movie? And what were your initial thoughts?

Sounded like a way to spend time lol

How easy was it to get funding for the film?

I think they got it pretty easy and it is a very good film please tell your friends.

My friend told me about this, and now I'm telling everyone else!

What was used for filming Llamageddon and how much did it cost to film? Locations?

A llama was used and a lot of Ohio is in it.

How long did it take to film?

It took about 2 months to film but took several years to edit.

Quite a while then. It is incredible how long editing can take!

Is/will Llamageddon available on physical formats at all?

It is not yeeeeeeeeeet but keep an eye on @llamageddonfilm (the official Twitter account)

I'd love to see this on Blu-Ray/DVD (or VHS maybe!) so I'll most definitely be watching out for the release of Llamgeddon on physical format as that would be great!

Are there any on set stories that you are able to share?

We had to fire the first llama because they were a diva and had to hire a second llama that was an actual show llama and had a comfort friend llama to hang out with when not on set. Another story is that a few potential drinking games are built into the film see if you can find them and play along haha!

Well, it looks like you literally had to deal with some actual drama llamas!

Looking back on the experience, what do you think of being in Llamageddon?

It was a very good time and a very good film.

Have you watched the film?

I have watched this film and I have shown it to my family and to my partners and they all said they like it but I don't know what they say behind my back.

I'm sure they enjoyed it too.

What are your future plans?

Make more films!

That's great to hear, the more llama movies the better!

Dimble Gerbo, many thanks for your time, stay safe, stay awesome and stay you!

Thank you and thank you for asking me these questions and you too!

Llamageddon, it's a fun and crazy watch, and check it out on Amazon Prime for free now!