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Blu-Ray Review: The Krays Limited Edition

When it comes to British gangsters, there's probably nobody as infamous as Ronnie and Reggie Kray. The Krays were the biggest names in London and did what they wanted how they wanted. Gangsters not to be trifled with, they had London in the palm of their hands and were so close to being connected with America at some point. The Krays have always fascinated me, especially as I was sat on the knee of one of them while my father was incarcerated!

Second Sight Film has released a Limited Edition Blu-Ray of The Krays, starring Gary and Martin Kemp, so let's check it out!

The Krays is a fact-based movie that follows the life and times of the infamous and quite possibly most notorious twin crime lords brothers Ronald and Reginald Kray in London's '60s underworld. From their humble East End beginnings, Ronnie and Reggie Kray became the most notorious figures in London's gangland underworld. From extortion to murder, their horrific brutality became legendary and throughout the 50s and 60s, they ruled by fear until life sentences in 1969 finally ended their bloody reign of terror.

This movie is absolutely brilliant, originally released in 1990 and starring 80s music sensations Martin and Gary Kemp (who were part of a group called Spandau Ballet). This big-screen gangster biopic was the acting debut of The Kemps, and people questioned if they would be able to cut the mustard, but they played the parts well, silencing naysayers with powerhouse performances. Adding Billie Whitelaw as the Kray's good old mum, this was an awesome headline cast for this movie.

Heads-up...this movie is a tad violent...

I've watched several movies based on the life and times of The Krays over the years and The Krays has always been head and shoulders above the rest of them in my opinion. Great cast, great story, and all in all a great watch. If you have an interest in British gangsters or biographic movies, then this one is most certainly a must-watch and must-own.

This Blu-Ray is yet another brilliant release by Second Sight Films. The movie has the quality of sound and vision you come to expect from them (ie brilliant), has Audio commentaries, interviews, and a Q&A. The Blu-Ray is housed in a rigid slipcase along with a softcover book with essays about the movie along with a set of 6 collector's art cards. The artwork looks awesome, and the art cards are really good too.

So, another awesome Limited Edition released by Second Sight Film, one that is not only a good movie but would look great in anyone's physical media collection. The Krays is rated 18 and can be bought HERE.

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