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Awesome Poster Art by Dom Bittner

I've been scrawling around various social media and I saw this awesome poster based on my favorite horror movie...

This is a beautiful piece...

After seeing this I found it was done by a rather talented 27-year-old gentleman in the UK called Dom Bittner, and I've also found he's done awesome artwork and has a store to go with it too!

He has done some awesome posters based on horror movies that would be brilliant additions to anyone's wall, you can just see the love and passion for the art flow out for the imagery.

The great thing too is all of the art pieces he does are all limited runs of 100, and after that, there will NOT be a second run. There's already been a few that are sold out already, so if you like what you see, heading to his store sooner rather than later would be a really good idea! He also sells the originals as well, so you could have the actual piece made!

Look at these pieces that Dom has done, they are great!

Now, I want to make sure people are aware that these prints are UNOFFICIAL FAN ART. They are not official memorabilia...but man these are awesome!! I'd rather use some of these posters when reviewing a movie than some of the originals!

I have been lucky enough to catch up with Dom and was able to ask him about his posters and any potential future projects he may have in store...

Hello Dom, and welcome to Zenless Popcorn! I hope that you and yours are well in these interesting times.

Hey, thanks. I hope you are doing well too!

I've just recently discovered your artwork and think it is absolutely amazing. How long have you been doing illustrations/illustration work?

I’ve always had an interest in drawing, painting, anything creative really. When I was a child I’d always be making stuff, building models, drawing; I guess I’ve always been pretty creative. It was during my later high school years that I decided for sure that an artistic path was the right one for me, even though I was told endlessly of the risk of choosing such a path; almost to the point of discouragement. I think many of us are brought up with these ideologies that ‘dream careers’ such as that of an artist or a musician are hit and miss, or that you have to be lucky. I don’t believe this at all, anything can be achieved with a bit of dedication and thinking outside the box.

I totally agree with you there, the only people who live the dream are the ones bold enough to chase them. So thinking of that, do you have any tips for people who want to get into the art/illustration industry?

As an artist? Be good at what you do I guess. Be committed. If you’re learning, enjoy it. Even little steps lead to huge steps over time! Also, know your market and get your work out there! You could draw or paint the most magnificent piece of artwork ever made but if it’s hidden behind closed doors, what’s the point? Know your market as in, if you're painting pictures of boats… find a way to show it to people that like boats.

Finally, find a subject you enjoy doing too, if you’re bored, you’ll give up.

Great advice there for artists and others interested in creative industries.

What inspired you to start doing these posters about horror movies?

Original Ink for Midsommar

I’ve had an interest in creating movie posters for years. A few years ago I attempted to start up a business similar to the one I’m running now that failed. With the current one, I guess the time was right. I was working on a large, repetitive painting during the first UK coronavirus lockdown and had the desire to create a movie poster for the film Midsommar that I had recently seen in the cinema. I posted it online and began gaining some interest. The thing is, ever since I was little I have loved horror movies. I also love art. The two together? It’s a perfect combination.

Agreed, this art paying homage to art...pretty cool.

If you had to choose, which of your posters to date is your personal favorite?

The Exorcist.

That's some awesome detail! How long does each poster take to make?

This varies depending on the level of the detail. I've never timed it, but I estimate the more intricate ones take about 100 hours.