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Family Fun Time...Birdemic 2: The Ressurection

My family has got to be completely insane...

This evening, all the Teacups decided it would be nice to watch a movie with me (as part of my belated birthday celebrations), but Teacup 5 made a stipulation that it had to be a bad movie...

Now after a faulse start in the form of Foodfight! (much to the disgust of Teacup 4 who almost has a fear of that movie he thinks it is that bad) and a kerfuffle regarding snacks being eaten during the movie we settled down to what could be, alongside the original, the worst movie of ALL TIME.

Birdemic 2: The Ressurrection.

This franchise is so bad it kicked off The Quest for the WORST Movie (speaking of which there will be more of that journey soon!!) and I do not usually watch this movie or its predecessor by choice. I loathe these movies with every fibre in my being and have not found anything that actually makes them look good...however, this was organized by the Teacups, so...they have to deal with it also, so...why not. Let's watch this abomination, and see what they think too.

NOTE: Awesome Cupcake was smart enough to leave the room, she went off to do college work and basically escape the badness!!


Birdemic 2: The Resserrection is the sequel of Birdemic: Shock and Terror, both movies being "Romantic Horror" according to frachise creator James Nguyen. Following the "events" of 2010 disasterpiece Birdemic: Shock and Terror, this sequel that I'm pretty sure nobody ever asked for has attacks of bids. Again. A platoon of badly CGIed eagles and vultures attack Hollywood! But that's not there's even cavemen and zombies added to the mix of pure unadulterated WTFness!

Why did the vultures and eagles attack? Why in the name of Dude was this movie even made in the first place? Who will survive? Who actually cares???

So, after watching this "delightful" film, I thought I'd ask the Teacups about the movie and thier overall thoughts...

TEACUP 1 - "I was ill so I didn't watch it"

Lucky dude! This is an awful movie and is best remembered by totally forgetting its existence.

TEACUP 2 - "It was loud! I kept looking at you then at the movie because I was so fucking confused,

the weewoo wagon was fucking stupid, there was so many awkward moments, girl with the shirt blonde hair danced WAY to fucking hard...and they kept saying 'they're dead' at pretty much every corpse...yes we know, what's new?!? And WHY ZOMBIES??? Oh...and boobs!!"

Ah yes...boobs, awful dancing, killer birds, bad CGI...and cavemen? Yeah, Birdemic 2 is all sorts of messed up!

TEACUP 3 - "That fucking ambulance! This movie is NOT something I would watch even if my life depended on it!!"

Ah yes, the joy of the amublance...once you see it, it is NEVER forgotten!! And I have it on good authority that it was you who chose the movie and I know you've seen it before TC3!!!

TEACUP 4 - "Editing ✨MhUa✨ 10/10!"

Um, yes...quite.

TEACUP 5 - "The blood rain seemed like God is a girl!"

I can assure you, TC5, that this movie was NOT filmed during a heavenly period. (Sorry!!!)

Well, it seems that it's a resounding NO from the Teacups in regards to this movie, and I still think it deserves the joint top spot for worst movie of ALL TIME.

Birdemic 2: The Ressurrection is Not Rated and available on DVD and Digital if you get it from the USA if you feel that you must watch it.

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