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Preview Double Bill: Deadlier Than The Male/Some Girls Do

I have always loved the Bond movies, they are absolute classics, and I really like ones that feel like them too. A prime example of this is the Bulldog Drummond series, and Network Distribution is releasing the 1960s versions as newly remastered editions today.

Deadlier Than The Male (DVD)

First up we have the 1966 movie Deadlier Than The Male, which is being released as a remastered edition with a nice selection of extras on DVD.

When insurance underwriter Hugh Drummond hears about the deaths of some top oil executives – at the hands of a pair of stunningly beautiful but brutal female assassins – he is convinced that it has to be the work of an international crime syndicate. His investigations uncover that the syndicate is after a big oil concession, and to get what they want they must commit regicide…

Richard Johnson gives a suave performance as Hugh ‘Bulldog’ Drummond in this cool ’60s take on the exploits of H.C. McNeile (aka Sapper)’s famous fictional hero. Giving Bond a jolly good run for his money, Deadlier Than the Male sees Drummond involved with daring escapes, murderous plots, Femme Fatales and dolly birds by the score! The film is presented here as a transfer from the original film elements in its original aspect ratio. One thing to bear in mind is that if you read the books you will not find this story in any of the books, this was a story that was specifically made for the movie. Johnson also said his take on Drummond was different from the character in Sapper's books as he felt like he was too misogynistic, so he played the character his way, he gave himself but more he once said.

There are some great extras on the DVD! There's the original theatrical trailer, archive interviews, archive location reports, and extensive image galleries. Great companion pieces to a lovingly restored movie, this edition is presented as a transfer from the original film elements and, even better, in its original aspect ratio.

It's a great watch and most certainly worth picking up!

Some Girls Do (Blu-Ray)

Next, we have the 1969 sequel Some Girls Do being released as a remastered edition with some nice extra content on DVD and Blu-Ray. I will be reviewing the Blu-Ray edition.

'Bulldog' Drummond is hot on the trail of his arch-nemesis, the dastardly devious Carl Petersen, who is determined to sabotage the new British fighter airplane currently in development. Drummond knows that Peterson must be stopped – whatever the cost – but this time he’s protected by a bodyguard of murderous female androids!

Richard Johnson is back as the heroic Hugh ‘Bulldog’ Drummond in this spectacular take on the adventures of Sapper’s famous fictional hero – this time boosted with a healthy dose of late ’60s whimsy when Drummond comes up against a gang of armed, gorgeous fembots!

The additional extras with this movie are the theatrical trailer and an extensive amount of image galleries. I think it's a pity that there are no interviews, but maybe there's none to be found or they were not available at the time, maybe a future copy will have them, and that would be great. Some Girls Do is presented here as a new remaster from original film elements in its original aspect ratio.

The picture quality of both movies is beautifully crisp and clear, Network has done a superb job with the remastering of both movies and the image galleries are brilliant too.

Deadlier Than The Male is rated 12 and available on DVD now

Some Girls Do is rated PG and is available on DVD and Blu-Ray now.

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