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The History of Future Folk

Now this movie come onto my radar a few years back and I thought it looked brilliant but I was never able to get hold of a copy to check it out, but finally now thanks to Dust (and Awesome Cupcake for introducing me to Dust in the first place!) I've finally been able to get to watch this via VOD and give review this lovely little thing!

So...what exactly is this movie all about then? Well, this is a quite possibly exaggerated origin story of the real-life alien bluegrass band Future Folk, who have been entertaining audiences in New York for the best part of a decade.

Two aliens from the planet Hondo come to take over the planet (as they do) but when they discover the amazingly awesome human invention called "MUSIC" they decide to abandon that plan, head to a nice little bar in Brooklyn and start the Universe's first-ever Hondonian bluegrass duo...FUTURE FOLK!! Hondo!

The movie is fun, quirky and has a unique charm to it that I didn't expect. I was convinced this movie was going to be added to QFTWM but I actually had fun watching this, it was kind of cute and rather enjoyable.

If you want a taster of Future Folk you can actually download an Official BitTorrent Bundle, which has music by Future Folk...there's a basic bundle with just audio and some links and if you give your email you'll get loads more including comic and more music! You can check this out by heading HERE and if you want to learn more about Future Folk, their music and maybe even grab their merch you can go to and check out the Hondonian goodness!

So yes...The History of Future Folk....a low budget movie that is quirky, heartfelt, uplifting, funny, joyful and just absolutely charming all around. If you want to watch something that is a little different then I suggest giving this one a watch as I really do not think that you will be disappointed.

The History of Future Folk is Not Rated and available on video on demand and DVD although it does seem a tad tricky trying to get hold of the DVD. Variance did mention about there being a Blu-Ray release but that has not happened as yet. #Hondo!

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