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HalloSCREAM! 2020 #18: Gretel & Hansel

"Once upon a time..."

I love a good fairy tale, it was great fun as a kid, and even better as a grown-up...however, I don't mean the candy-coated stories we have that most kids have heard (or watched as Disneyfied animation), but the proper Grimm tales, which are dark, chilling and just awesome!

There have been several times where people making horror have hit upon the idea of making a story based on a fairy story and sometimes this works well. The most recent attempt is Gretel & Hansel, which Warner Home Entertainment have recently released on DVD.

Gretel and Hansel live in the countryside with their mother. However, when times get hard and Gretel cannot seem to find a job, their mother decides to send the children out of the house to fend for themselves. First, the siblings have to journey through the dark forest without clothes and supplies. And then, just as they are absolutely starving, they happen across a house with good-smelling food and make the decision to temporarily stay there in the care of an elderly woman. However, as they recover from fatigue and hunger in the house, they uncover some suspicious things that might prevent them from getting to their destination at all.

This is a great story, and the ages altered has a "coming of age" feel to it. Certainly a good horror for the teens. Well worth picking up if you like Fairy Tale stories.

Gretel and Handsel is rated 15 and on DVD now in all good entertainment stockists, or you could buy this and other great horror offerings going to ShopWB,

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