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UHD Preview: The Goonies

OK, so it's not often that I do this, but I have to give out a SPOILER ALERT here. I was having a chat about spoilers and asked about discussing deleted scenes, as I'd never really thought about it before. I've now had a think about this and apologize for previous previews/reviews where I have mentioned things like this and not given any warning about it.

So, in the future (as long as I remember of course), I shall be posting a spoiler warning in front of the usual posts where there will be obvious spoilers (duh) but also where I mention details about things like deleted or alternate scenes.

Got, that? We now return you to your irregularly scheduled blog post...

Ah yes, the 80s...the era of kiddies able to play safe on the streets, scary as hell clothing (damn did I wear that as a kid?), Cyndi Lauper and Steven Spielberg writing every movie that was ever released...and the best way to sum all that up is just one movie...THE GOONIES, which Warner Home Entertainment is releasing in glorious 4k UHD. Let's get watching!!!

Mikey and his friends (better known as The Goonies) have always wanted to go on an adventure. One night they are all hanging out in Mikey's attic when Mikey stumbles across an old map littered with hints and clues that lead to the fabled treasure of the pirate "One-Eye'd" Willy.

Mikey has always wanted to know if "One-Eye'd" Willy ever was a real person and now he has a chance to find out. They set off and later discover that they have to go through the Mama Fratelli restaurant (Run by the evil Fratelli family who've just recently broken out of prison) to get to a secret passage to the caves which are littered with deadly booby traps.

With the evil Fratelli family hot on the trail of the courageous kids for the fabled treasure as well, it becomes a frenzied race against time to find out if there are actual riches beyond their imagination if they can get beyond the traps.

Will the dauntless Goonies prove their mettle and be able to save the peaceful coastal town of Goon Docks from foreclosure, or will it be turned into a golf course by a heartless bunch of land developers?

Another absolute gem of the '80s, and another great piece of nostalgia for me which was great to share with the Teacups and Awesome Cupcake loved it too! It has great comedy, a cute little "love interest" angle, awesome action pieces, thrills, kiddy tension (sometimes too much for adults!), the Truffle Shuffle, fun playing pirates, singing that will make you scream, and booty...sorry, booby traps galore! Overall we gave it a 7/10 for the movie.

I will always love this movie, and it's good to see the Uncut Version in all it's glory....but it isn't really quite the uncut version if IMDb is to be believed. Apparently there was a version on VHS that has the "Octopus Scene" which would make a lot more sense when you hear Chunk talking about the Octopus at the end of the movie.

But what about the discs? Well, the discs are stunning, they truly are. Warner has done another great job with stunning visuals and audio. Watching this in a VR headset would be beautiful and I'm looking forward to getting my VR kit very soon to do reviews for this.

Good selection of audio and subtitles which is great if you are a home educator as you could potentially teach a language the fun way using this.

The extras are brilliant too, with a commentary with a little bit of a twist! The audio commentary is by Richard Donner and some of the cast but has videos pop up through the movie showing you little things about the movie which is really cool. Add to this a behind the scenes featurette, theatrical trailer, and a music video there's a nice disc for 4k adopters.

And the collectors, there are a couple of really nice collector's editions you REALLY need to check out!

Firstly, HMV has released an exclusive Cine Edition, limited to 1,500 pieces. In a special edition gift box, you get a patch, badges, and a copy of "One-Eye'd" Willy's treasure map as well as the UHD disc. If you want to grab yourself a copy (and if you are a fan, I'm imagining you'ii really want to!) then click HERE to get a copy, but I'd imagine that copies will go fast so be quick!

Hey you guys! Check out the awesome Cine Edition from HMV!

Also, Zavvi has released a limited edition steelbook, however, this is now sold out.

The Zavvi steelbook...already out of stock!

I highly recommend all the editions here, go get yourselves a copy and revel in the crystal clear quality of 4k on UHD.

The Goonies is rated 12 and will be available in stores on August 31st, 2020, or get directly from Warner Shop by clicking HERE.

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