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UHD Review: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

WARNING: Zenless Popcorn or it's writers will not be held responsible for any spontaneous outbursts of words such as WHOA!, PARTY ON DUDES, AWESOME, EXCELLENT and random guitar noodling after reading this review. You have been warned *guitar noodling*

How's its hanging Reader dudes?

To my absolute delight, I've been able to get hold of an epic copy of one of the movies I REALLLLLY enjoyed growing up, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in the most non-heinous and most excellent UHD 4k Format. At the time, there was a most bogus battle between Bill & Ted and Wayne's World franchises. Personally, I had, always really liked both, but I was slightly more of a fan of the Wyld Stallyns because they are most excellent! *guitar noodling*.

A most excellent addition to my collection!

So, what's this all about then? Well, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure tells the story of two young not so bright gentlemen, "Ted" Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston Esquire (aka the most excellent Bill & Ted) and the Wyld Stallyns! The Wyld Stallyns are a fundamental part of the future, a man named Rufus is sent back to the past with the task to help them with their biggest challenge...not failing history class!

Will these most excellent dudes complete this most heinous challenge of all time (get it? No? Never mind...) and start their steps to Save the World? Or will things go totally wrong and Bill & Ted lose the bodacious babes and one of them will have a most bogus time at a military school in Alaska...and actually become history? Whatever happens, history is about to be totally 2 dudes who cannot even spell.

Being a fan of this most excellent movie and its awesome sequel (Bogus Bogus fact: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey has yet to be released on Blu-Ray in the UK. This is non-non-non-non-NON-Heinous! I have seen a rather nice looking US Steelbook which I'm trying to get hold of currently.) it was great to have a 4k version of this movie. Gorgeous visuals, crisp audio, a great cinema-like experience!

I, the Teacups and Awesome Cupcake watched the movie as part of family movie night and Awesome Cupcake loved seeing the movie after years, and the Teacups had fun watching it (and Teacup 3 was dissecting the time travel plotholes in the movie) and really want to see the sequel Bogus Journey. Me and Awesome Cupcake...we want to see Bill & Ted Face The Music already! The Teacups and Awesome Cupcake gave the movie about a 7.5/10 which I was really impressed with, I honestly didn't expect such love from youngest TC5 said she thought it was very funny but had "lame effects" (which made me grin)

Enough about this most awesome movie, what about the bodacious extras? Well, there are interviews, behind the scenes, stills, and artwork, radio spots, audio commentaries, and one of the most awesome extras for me on episode of the animated series Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures! Excellent! *guitar noodling*

Now bear in mind the extras are on the Blu-Ray only not the UHD.

Add to that a booklet with a most triumphant new writing about how Bill & Ted was an influence and original production notes which is awesome the Wyld Stallyns fans!!

And for those Steelbook collectors, Zavvi has a limited edition steel book which looks pretty good!

Check out the awesome Zavvi exclusive, dudes!

So, my recommendation is be excellent to each other *guitar noodling* and grab a copy of this most excellent 4k restoration.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is rated PG is in stores now on UHD and Blu-Ray formats.

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