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Movie Review: Last Call

One thing that I have admired in movies is when something is filmed in one shot. You get to see some incredible things happen that way ranging from an epic action sequence to just an amazing moment in a movie that just simply takes your breath away or pulls at you emotionally. Those one-shot scenes are rather incredible..but then there are some who truly up the ante and then film the whole movie in one shot, a bit like this one, Last Call.

Shot in two true single takes and filmed simultaneously in two different parts of a city, Last Call, is a real-time feature presented in split-screen showcasing both ends of a wrong number phone call that has the potential to save a life. It tells the story of Scott, a bitterly alone depressed alcoholic, on the anniversary of his son’s death. When he attempts to call a suicide prevention hotline, a misdialling connects him with Beth, a single mother working as the night janitor at a local community college. The split-screen feature showcases both characters in real-time as they navigate this life-changing conversation.

I watched this movie and have to confess that as much as I like one-shot filming that this being filmed in realtime, split-screen simultaneous one-shot was just going to be a gimmick. Man, was I wrong, and I'm really glad to say so when you consider the subject matter that the movie deals with, in fact, I feel that it actually enhances the movie significantly. The audio is used cleverly too where one side will be "muted" and it has a great score as well adding to the emotion of the movie.

This movie shows that one person truly CAN make a difference...that it's really nice to be nice, and that sometimes your actions actually do matter and can have consequences, and right now in the situation most of us are in it's even more significant than ever. This movie leaves a profound message about caring about people and it stays with you. If you can, watch this movie, it really is worth it.

Last Call is currently Not Rated and there are plans for it to be released in disc and VOD, and I'll certainly be grabbing a copy the disc when this is released and, of course, the review will be here, so keep your eyes peeled.

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